About Us

About Us

SFS is today’s most progressive debt recovery service and collection agency.

The collection division was started with one purpose; to change the model by which debt collection agencies operate.

There is absolutely no way to match the advantages of utilizing Revenue Recovery Solutions. We work with the Trans Union, Equifax, Innovis, and Experian credit reporting systems, enabling us to access all national databases on a direct basis.

SFS began with the purpose of assisting businesses in recovering and managing their outstanding accounts receivable.

About Us

We have realized an increased demand from our clients for more comprehensive services designed to (a) reduce costs, (b) increase operational efficiency and cash flow, and (c) reduce bad debt write-off and days outstanding. Through investments in technology, staff education, and highly selective recruiting, We have been able to offer an improved level of services that our clients demand.

Revenue Recovery Solutions offers a full line of services with availability throughout the United States.

As one of the most progressive debt recovery agencies in the country, our services receive millions of dollars of bad debt placement annually.

Along with our computer system, we also offer other online services like skip tracing, credit report access, scoring to determine collectability, and power dialing capabilities.

And with the option of our “commission-only” policy, our customers pay nothing until the debts are collected.

With industry-specific strategies and services, Security Financial Solutions provides results that improve the bottom line through accelerated cash flow, lower operating costs, reduced bad debt expense, and improved customer retention.

Our client-oriented receivables personnel and support staff have been carefully selected for collection experience, proper attitudes and values, and are thoroughly trained and supervised to ensure that they are constantly maintaining your good public image.

Security Financial Solutions has carefully developed services that meet client specific needs.

These programs are flexible in design and are unique for each customer.

Careful analysis and due diligence is conducted for each client prior to recommending a specific service to address their needs.

We have assembled a service portfolio that provides any client with the opportunity to custom design revenue enhancement, backlog reduction, and collection programs to suit their specifications.

Our capabilities include every follow-up function conducted by an independent debt collection company.

All Revenue Recovery Solutions services are designed to accomplish the following five objectives:

  • Increased
    cash flow

  • Reduced days
    in accounts receivable

  • Reduced
    bad debts

  • Reduced
    collection cost

  • Enhanced
    customer relations

Operating Systems

SF Solutions (SFS) offers a comprehensive selection of services for clients throughout the country.

All of our services are customized to meet the client’s goals and needs. No two clients are set up with the same program or system requirements. This is accomplished with the attention that is provided to each client during the accounts set-up phase.

Understanding the clients business and requirements enables RRS to effectively work as an extension of our client’s office.

Trade Associations

Security Financial Solutions is proud to maintain good standing memberships in the following organizations and trade associations.

Many members of our management team, in addition to deep involvement in local civic organizations, are currently active in these associations.

  • Pennsylvania Collectors Association
  • International Collectors Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • West-Law
  • Allegheny Bar Association
  • Washington Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Service and client support is our main priority. The reports that are available are designed to accommodate every accounting format. We will customize our programs to meet your needs. Our standard operating procedure incorporates a unique policy that is “inception to completion”. This program allows our clients to establish a relationship with one of our management members.

This person has the responsibility to handle all of the account activity, from initial set-up to recovery and the distribution of reports and information. Our clients will always have the same person to speak with.

For more detailed information on our services, please visit our Services page.