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Throughout the last decade we have been privleged to serve many of the most familiar names in finance, healthcare and education.
We take great pride in the fact that these are all satisfied customers. Security Financial Solutions, LLC is a collection recovery leader because we get great results for our clients.

We are one of today’s most up to date collection agencies, providing recovery services to a multitude of clients throughout the USA. Founded in 2008, SFS has since then evolved to become one to the most admired and respected agencies in the country, with a wide range of capabilities, including handling accounts receivable,invoicing, billing, insurance submissions, , collection,pre-collection, legal and judgment collections.

Through our use the most modern tools available:call centers, letter service, national databases,skip trace tools, we are able to attain some of the highest recovery percentages in the industry. We have the size, man-power, training and equipment to set up and begin collecting for any size client in 24 hours or less.

Through the use of modern programs and careful management we are able to save on costs which we pass on to our clients. Most clients will find that their collection costs drop significantly when they hire us. Our experience also leads to a major decrease in write-offs due to bad debt. We absorb all the costs of program development, customization, and revision.

Our ability to monitor and provide information on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis allows us make adjustments to our procedures so that we can  exceed the  results that we promised.

SFS uses a six-sigma model , enabling us to create the most efficient operational procedures possible. Our ability to modify and adapt our programs results in the maximum  recovery, and client satisfaction.

Our six-sigma model also enables SFS to minimize  errors, in accounting, collection calls, address verification, disputes, data entry and compliance, as well as other areas.