Bad Debt Collection Services

Bad Debt Collection Services

What is bad debt?

Bad debt is accounts receivable that will likely remain uncollectable and will be written off. Bad debt appears as an expense on the company’s income statement, thus reducing net income. In general, companies make an estimate of bad debt expenses that might be incurred in the current time period based on past records, as part of the process of estimating earnings. Most companies make a bad debt allowance since it is unlikely that all of their debtors will pay them in full.

bad debt recovery services

The use of a bad debt recovery agency is an excellent way to collect bad debt and can help improve your cash flow quickly. Revenue Recovery Solutions specializes in providing debt collection services throughout the US.
Many companies experiencing financial difficulties will prioritize their creditors for payment. This suggests those creditors who demonstrate the seriousness of continued non-payment are most likely to be paid first. Our bad debt recovery services can help do just this, and are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of prioritizing an account for payment.

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Bad Debt Recovery Agency in in Pittsburgh, PA

Revenue Recovery Solutions is the nations premier bad debt recovery agency. As bad debt collectors we are always mindful of future customer relationships and can request bad debt payment in a way that won’t offend or alienate your customers.

We obtain payment of an account utilizing a successful and flexible bad debt collection process. We approach each collection case individually and request payment through a combination of letter and telephone requests. Our bad debt recovery effort is escalated with every attempt we make to collect your account.

Our bad debt recovery services are a proven way of collecting a debt and normally result in the prompt payment of an account. However, should your customer fail to make payment after our involvement then we may recommend that legal action be taken and an attorney can be hired for bad debt collections.

Our goal is simple. To collect more debt for our clients than any other bad debt recovery agency out there.

Give Revenue Recovery Solutions a call today to find out how we can offer the lowest contingency fee rates in the country.