Click here to request a FREE Quote or Call Toll Free 1-877-636-4990 Individuals and businesses that utilize Revenue Recovery Solutions’ debt recovery services reap several benefits including:

  • Each account regardless of balance is worked equally. We accept large and smaller accounts.

  • An individual agent /team are assigned your accounts. Our clients do not get pushed to the side.

  • You have online access to all of your accounts ,24/7. including up to date contact and payment history at no charge.

  • Our system allows for technology to generate more information than bulk scrubs or inquiries utilized by larger agencies.

  • We work directly with the debtor and once we have contact with them, they have one person and a direct line to contact that agent.

  • No accounts are closed and are worked by only professional, knowledgeable, experienced agents.

  • We are licensed and Bonded where required.

  • We have Errors and Omissions insurance, general liability and a blanket insurance policy to protect all of our clients.

  • We will never abuse, harass or treat the individualsplaced into collections in a disrespectful manor.

  • We are one of the most professional collection agencies in the industry and we always keep your future customer relationships in mind when dealing with debtors.

  • Our recovery rate is higher than the industry average of 12%. We actively work on recovering as much of those funds to our clients ASAP.

  • We have the latest skip tracing software and collection programs that assist in locating, finding and recovering our client’s outstanding accounts receivable.

  • Working on a contingency fee basis provides a powerful motivation for RRS to recover your funds.

  • Save money by paying no upfront costs unlike flat-fee collection programs.

  • Only pay for accounts that are successfully recovered.

  • If we don’t collect your accounts we don’t get paid.

  • Improve customer retention adn preserve your good relationhip with the client. Allow SFS to be your "middle man" negotiator.

  • Our agents are not paid on commission.