Commercial Debt Collection Agency

Commercial Debt Collection Agency

What makes Revenue Recovery Solutions considered the best Commercial Debt Collection Agency in the country?

Most Commercial Debt Collection Agencies handle both commercial and retail accounts with the same collection staff. They are usually part-time collectors that have little or no collection experience. As a result, they have high turnover rates and low recovery rates. We dedicate an entire division to commercial collections. We do not use the same collectors for both consumer and commercial debt collection. Just as our consumer collectors, our commercial collectors are full-time employees that have the training, expertise and experience it takes to recover your delinquent accounts.

Commercial collection accounts are ultimately more complex than consumer accounts. They are usually larger and collectors must possess advanced skill sets in order to succeed. Our collectors are trained in mediation techniques and settlement negotiation. Revenue Recovery Solutions’ collectors comport themselves in a professional manner and are always cognizant they represent your company. They follow the law and adhere not only to our high standards, but to yours as well. It is imperative you maintain a positive relationship with your past due account. After all, they may become your client again.

Revenue Recovery Solutions a commercial debt collection agency that also understands sometimes legal action may be necessary. We have the tools and resources to litigate cases if the need arises.

Ultimately, it comes down to the bottom line. How much will it cost you to utilize our services? Nothing, if we do not collect. We believe you should not have to pay for our services, if we do not get the job done.

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