Fee-Based Collections

Fee-Based Collections

FBC is a collection program designed for the client to pay one flat fee per account regardless of the balance or age. FBC is a full service collection program where collection letters, phone calls, and credit reporting are utilized. FBC is an excellent tool to weed out accounts, which do not require extreme collection measures. FBC allows you to pay one flat rate (as low as $5.95 per account) as opposed to paying a percentage of what is collected.


1. Less expensive than doing the same work in-house.

2. Weeds out easier accounts without charging you a commission.

3. All money collected is sent directly to you by the debtor

4. Smaller claims receive the same level of attention as larger claims.

5. Accounts are assigned only to ACA certified collectors

6. Debtor information is reported to national credit bureaus.

In any situation, SFS will afford you the most cost-effective solution in collection.

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