How to Collect a Judgment

Many people believe once they receive a judgment, the hard part is over. The fact is, the hard part has just begun. 90% of all judgments never go collected. Why is this number so high and what can you do to improve your odds?

First, you need to understand if you have a monetary judgment or not. For instance, just because you take someone to court to get an eviction does not mean you have also won past due rent or damages. In some states you need to get a separate judgment for money owed. In other states it’s included. Once you’re sure you have a judgment, now you can try to enforce it.

Enforcing a judgment can be very difficult. Unfortunately, the laws differ from state to state as do the tactics one can use to collect. Some states make it very difficult to collect, other’s a little easier. No matter where you live, the odds are stacked in the debtor’s favor. You have to be smart, and familiar with the legal system to get the best results. Sometimes the biggest factor can be something as simple as timing.

Due to the complexity involved in collecting judgments, it is recommended to hire a company with vast experience in collecting judgments. Many people make the mistake of hiring the attorney that won the judgment to also collect the judgment. These are two different skill sets. Many attorneys do not know the intricacies involved in successfully collecting a judgment. Another route is to place your judgment with a collection agency. Most collection agencies are very poor at collecting judgments. Judgment collections are very different than “typical” consumer/commercial debt collections. The laws are different and the tactics needed to collect are different. The truth is, judgments can be very expensive to collect. Most collection agencies working on a contingency basis don’t want to assume the costs and risks associated with collecting judgments correctly. Below is a list of what you should look for in a company to collect your judgment.

  • Professional Nationwide Consumer and Commercial Collection
  • Lowest Rates in the Industry with the Highest Recovery
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured
  • Online 24/7/365 Client Access & Client Support


Nothing will improve your odds better than finding a company that has experience collecting judgments successfully. Many companies pop up over night and disappear just as quickly. Make sure the company has been in business for a few years and has successfully collected many judgments during that time.


Many companies charged differently when it comes to enforcing your judgment. Some charge fees upfront, some charge a contingency fee (only get a percentage of what they actually collect) and some charge a combination of both. You want to find a company that charges a contingency fee. The last thing you want is to be out even more money by paying a fee upfront. Plus, what is their incentive to collect if you pay them upfront? By choosing a company that only gets paid when you get paid, they need to collect or they won’t be in business very long.


Collecting a judgment can take time. Anyone that tells you they can collect it for you in a few days is lying. Sure this can happen, but they have no way of knowing this until they start the process. In many cases, it can take a few months due to the legal proceedings involved. There is nothing a judgment recovery specialist can do to speed this up. Courts work on their schedule. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient. Many judgment recovery agencies tell people what they want to hear at the beginning just to get you signed up. Ask question, and use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


In many cases, judgment recovery attorneys/ companies take your judgments and you never hear from them again. Make sure you hire a company that keeps you posted on what’s happening with your judgment(s). Talk about this upfront before you sign up. It will save you a big headache down the road.


Many people price shop like they would a loan or a car. This is the worst thing you can do. That’s not saying the most expensive is always the best, but in most cases in this industry you get what you pay for. For instance, Company A could charge 10%, and Company B could charge 50%. That’s a big difference. Many people would choose Company A. But what are you getting for that 10%? The less a company charges the less time, energy, and costs a company can spend on your judgment. You want to choose your judgment recovery company like you would an investment company. Not based on overall fees, but on results. Remember, it’s better to get half of something than 90% of nothing.

Revenue Recovery Solutions

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