Landlord Tenant Evictions

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You have evicted your tenant.. Now what?

Placing your delinquent tenant accounts with the local Credit Bureau or collection agency will have little effect on your bottom line.  A good agency will recover only 10 to 12% of the accounts you place with them.  Are you prepared to walk away from the other 88%?

SFS specializes in Landlord Tenant eviction recovery.  Our secret to success is no secret at all.  Our years of experience working within the court system means that we know how to succeed where other agencies have failed.

The difference is, we spend our own money to locate assets, POE information, and bank accounts.  We then apply the power of the legal system to enforce payment of the debt owed.

Why stand by as you watch your dollars disappear as your eviction judgments expire as worthless?  Our team of investigators are here to make sure your outstanding receivables get the attention they deserve.  And, there is NEVER a charge to you unless we collect.