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Auto Loan

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Security Financial Solutions¬† has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, auto loan recovery. While the auto financing sector has expanded rapidly in recent years, the same–unfortunately–is also true of customer default rates. At the same time, shifting debtor and creditor attitudes toward auto debt and a rapidly-evolving regulatory environment represent emerging challenges that all collection agencies, including SFS, must consider.

SFS has a number of unique advantages in the auto loan sector that separate us from our many competitors. Though we always go out of our way to remain polite and civil in our interactions with auto loan customers, our cutting-edge technology and analytics-based approach ensure that we know far more about auto loan customers than they think we do. Advanced algorithms give SFS powerful insight into customer behavior, but they also give us the tools to help preserve–and even improve–customer-lender relationships.

Our ability to segment debtors, to prioritize certain delinquencies over others, and to monitor and follow-up with debtors regardless of their location remains unparalleled in the industry. This knowledge, combined with years of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and a dynamic blend of traditional and novel tactics has helped keep our auto loan recovery rates extremely high for over a decade. The efficiencies made possible by analytics and machine-learning technology ultimately translate into faster, cheaper loan recoveries for our auto industry clients. SFS is extremely proud of its work in the auto loan sector. We are also convinced that, as technology advances and emerging tactics are further developed, our recovery rates will continue to rise.

It is important to stress that SFS’ work in the auto loan sector is, at all times, fully-compliant with relevant state and federal regulations.



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