Becoming a Client

Becoming a Client

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Is the process of becoming an SFS client difficult? No. Is endless paperwork involved? Not at all. Can I be sure that SFS will prioritize my account and devote sufficient time and energy to the recovery process? Absolutely.

A prospective client can place an account with SFS at any time, day or night, 365 days per year, simply by filling out the electronic registration form provided HERE or by contacting us directly HERE. Registration provides clients with a direct line into SFS operations. After speaking with a senior team member, new clients are able  monitor the status of their account(s), track the work of our agents, and receive regular updates monthly, weekly or even daily. These updates include a record of all debtor contact, letters sent and payments received.

Following registration, our straightforward and easy-to-use customized placement templates can be filled in quickly and uploaded almost instantly using our online portal. When it comes to placing consumer debt (especially in volume) these spreadsheets are ideal. However, in the case of a volume placements, SFS is willing and able to accept the data in any standard format. For large commercial accounts especially, SFS requires “proof of debt”–that is, copies of invoices (or other media) that offer a full picture of account charges and credits.

All accounts received for collection are immediately entered into our database and assigned to an SFS recovery expert. In almost all cases, the more information SFS has on hand, the better our chances of resolving the debt in full.