Request a FREE Quote or Call us at Toll Free 1-877-254-4180 Individuals and businesses that hire Security Financial Solutions debt recovery services benefit in the following ways:

  • We work every account equally regardless of balance. We work just as hard on smaller accounts.

  • We assign each account its own agent or team. You have a single point of contact.

  • We provide 24/7 access to your accounts through our Client Portal at no charge.

  • We free up your employees time, so they can concentrate on maintaining your business

  • No auto dialers employed - we work directly with debtors and provide them with a single person to contact.

  • By hiring SFS, you get the best in professional, knowledgeable, and experienced agents. to handle your customers

  • We are Licensed and Bonded wherever required.

  • We carry Errors and Omissions insurance, general liability insurance and a umbrella insurance policy to protect you.

  • We never abuse, threaten, belittle, mistreat or harass any individual placed into collections.

  • The Key to collecting is negotiation. We always remember that today's debtor may be tomorrow's paying customer and act accordingly.

  • Our recovery rates are higher than the industry average. We always strive to increase our recovery rates as much as is reasonably possible.

  • We have the latest skip tracing software and our staff is trained in using them to locate debtors and recover from them.

  • Because we work on a contingency fee basis we do not get paid unless you do.

  • Our services cover all costs of collection. Our clients will never receive a bill.

  • We employ the newest in technology and pass those benefits on to our clients.

  • Our trained and rpfessional staff always operates within the strict confine of state and Federal law

  • SFS attorneys have experience in working through the court system, for large balance accounts who refuse to pay voluntarily

  • We offer a purchase option for your older accounts receivables, regardless of how many agencies may have worked them before us.