Billing Services

Billing Services

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At Security Financial Solutions we get maximum results by using the latest technology and highly trained staff.

We are a complete billing services provider, with experience at generating every type of billing statement… from medical self-pay and  insurance claims,to government agency forms. Through our long  experience with a wide variety of clients we have learned how to generate practically any statement you could ever need. Medical, retail, educational, government agencies, commercial… whatever you name it, SFS can create them to fit the task.

We use the most up to date software available allowing us to us to create, print, process, and mail easy to read statements in a professional, efficient manner. Collecting becomes much faster with clear, easy to read, on time billing.

Like all our departments, our billing services is automated, allowing us to rapidly meet your needs. However, we are also able to customize it so that you can pick the point in the process where we step in.  Just let us know at what point you want us to enter the process. We can set up your customized billing program very rapidly.

Using our billing services will decrease your billing costs and free up your time, allowing you to concentrate on other business areas.