Sophisticated technology and quality personnel maximize productivity

Revenue Recovery Solutions, LLC. is a full-service billing provider, capable of processing any type of statement… self-pay, insurance claims, secondary insurance billing… just to name a few. Our wide varieties of clients have enabled us to meet all types of billing demands. Medical, retail, educational, government agencies, commercial… whatever your needs are, RRS can meet them.

Our experienced staff utilizes the most advanced software available making it possible for us to print, process, and mail your statements in a professional, easy to read manner. Cash flow recovery improves with simple payment instructions.

As with all of our services, our billing department is specialized, allowing for increased concentration of client needs. However, we are flexible enough to let you determine the starting point. Just tell us where you’d like us to step in…We can customize a billing program that’s right for you.

All of our billing services translate into decreased billing costs and increased time. Thereby, letting you concentrate on your primary business concerns.