Check Recovery Services

Check Recovery Services

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  • No Fee Collection
  • Debtor Pays Our Fee
  • Available in all 50 U.S. states
  • Low Commission on Older Checks
  • Skip Reporting & Credit Reporting Included
  • Credit Watch
  • Notification of Financial Change

Security Financial Solutions, LLC

At Security Financial Solutions, LLC. , we offer several programs to collect on checks that has been returned to you unpaid. Our services differ from electronic recovery programs in many ways. Most businesses know that  80% of the checks returned to you marked as NSF can be recovered by you simply by re-depositing the check or notifying the customer.

Therefore we concentrate efforts on the other 20% where our efforts can help you the most. If you subscribe to an electronic check recovery service you will notice that the checks that they don’t recover simply by  re-depositing the check are sent to a collection agency. Security Financial Solutions, LLC is the professional agency that Electronic Check Recovery services use.

We can help you whether you have one problem check that you need to collect on or thousands of them. We will consistently achieve the highest possible recovery rate on any checks that you send to us.

  • Professional Nationwide Consumer and Commercial Collection
  • Low Industry Rates with Highest Recovery Metric
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured
  • Online 24/7/365 Client Access & Client Support

Check Recovery Programs

CRP-NF – Check Recovery Program with no fee enables SFS to add to the original face value of the check the state specific legal fee for issuing a check that is returned NSF. This program allows SFS to return to you 100% of the face value of the check and have the debtor pay our fee. CRP-CC –Check Recovery Program with commission collections is a program for aged or check issued in a state that does not allow or requires notification in order to demand a fee. Our fee for this program is 25% of recovered funds, there is no fee ever for an account that is not collected.