Collect & Don’t Lose

Collect & Don’t Lose

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Sooner or later most businesses have to deal with a customer who gave them a bad check or purchased on credit and didn’t pay.

How do you handle it? Do you write it off and just increases your prices a little to cover future write-offs? Do you spend your own valuable time chasing after payment? Assign it to an in-experienced in-house employee who doesn’t understand the rules and who can get you into legal trouble and damage customer relationships?

At SF Solutions we have a vast experience at collecting debts of all types- large, small , one debt or thousands. We customize our collection programs to give each client business the best possible results. With SF Solutions you only pay if we actually collect. There are no upfront costs.

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  • Professional Consumer and Commercial Collection in all 50 U.S. states
  • Low Industry Contingency Rates and High Recovery Stats
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Choosing a service

Choosing the right collection service requires a lot of careful thought. You don't want just anybody contacting your customers on your behalf. With Security Financial Solutions, you can be sure that all of our business practices, operating policies, and staff training are designed to protect you from harassment lawsuits, preserve your customer relationships, and get you the highest possible recovery rates at the lowest possible cost to you.