Commissioned Collections

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We have found that for most clients, our commissioned collections program offers the

best return on your ‘collection dollar’. We offer a variety of  customized programs,with no upfront fees. This allows you to greatly reduce write-offs and thereby improve your balance sheets and chances for financial growth.

Once you send over an account, one of our collection specialists  is assigned to contact the account holder to obtain payment. Through the use of the latest methodology and technology, we have set a new records in  recovery percentages. Our services include a variety of modern tools that we use to locate, contact, report, and obtain payments from your account holders.

Average national fees range from 30% to 50% and are normally based on 4 factors:

Account age

Type of account

Number of accounts placed

Average dollar amount of accounts 

Our average retail  commission is 28%, which rises to 50 % or more if we need to file suit on your behalf. On commercial accounts, our average commission rate is 22% (not including litigation).


1. Cost effective – nothing out of pocket if we don’t succeed

2. No upfront fee, no additional costs

3. Skip-tracing are included

4. We accept as few as one account or as many as thousands.

5.No minimum amount of debt required.

5. All accounts receive letter service, telephone calls, and are reported to credit bureaus

6. Our collection programs are customized to fit your business’s needs

7. We offer a variety of reporting formats

8. We assign a specialist to each client to help you choose and receive the maximum benefit from our collection programs

10. We take a consistent yet flexible approach, always maintaining high professional standards

  • Professional Consumer and Commercial Collection throughout all 50 U.S. states
  • Low Industry Rates with the Highest Recovery Stats
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Free online Client Access & Support 24/7/365