Consumer Collection Agency

Consumer Collection Agency

Security Financial Solutions is today’s most progressive loss prevention and is considered the nation’s best consumer collection agency.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with unmatched support, service and financial growth.

By utilizing the latest technology,developing highly efficient consumer collection agency programs, and a highly skilled team of professionals, we are changing the way that debt collection agencies operate.

Our purpose is to customize a program for each of our clients that will dramatically increase the monies recovered from past due accounts, as well as decrease the amount of time accounts are outstanding.

  • Professional Nationwide Consumer and Commercial Collection
  • Lowest Rates in the Industry with the Highest Recovery
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured
  • Online 24/7/365 Client Access & Client Support

Consumer Collection Agency Services

Our mission statement is simple and our purpose is clear…

We understand that it is your business and reputation; we will endeavor to act as if it was ours.

Please explore our site to learn how SFS can help your business grow with services such as: Legal Recovery, Asset & Financial Recovery, Billing, Invoicing, Debt Collections, and many others.

What Does a Consumer Collection Agency Do?

Consumer Collection agencies can serve as an extension to a business’s accounts receivable department. These agencies offer first and third party collection services for businesses that have individuals or businesses that owe them money and are past-due on their accounts. They help organizations to recover their delinquent accounts in a timely manner. Hiring an agency to work on your past-due accounts can save time and money and improve cash flow for your business.

Finding the “right” consumer collection agency is imperative to help improve your company’s cash flow. SFS understand the needs of it’s clients. We will tailor a collection program that is right for you.

Security Financial Solutions never charges upfront fees. We only receive a small portion of the money collected. And our fees are reasonable.

Contact Security Financial Solutions today to find out why they are considered by many to be the best consumer collection agency in the nation!