Debt Purchasing

Debt Purchasing

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However “dead end” some debt might seem, it is never entirely without value. Too many businesses regard seemingly unrecoverable debt as a “cost of doing business,” but SFS makes sure that all debt–even debt that has resisted multiple attempts at recovery–generates some value for the lender.

For a company like SFS, heavily invested in the “long game” of debt collection and possessing tools and tactics intended to produce results over the long term, it is often worth our while to purchase difficult debt from clients for a fee, typically a small percentage of the total amount owed. We pay cash for debts of this type.

However, it is crucial to note that we consider purchasing debt only when all efforts to collect in full have been exhausted.  Most clients expect collection within a reasonable period of time, and this is entirely understandable. In certain complex, challenging circumstances, however, some debts resist recovery–or resist recovery in full.  In cases of this type, it can be more cost-effective for the client involved to sell the debt to SFS. We typically pay cash for debts of this type.

Ultimately, debt purchasing on the part of SFS ensures that our clients always come out ahead–one way or another.