Fee-Based Collections

Fee-Based Collections

Fee Based Collection  programs are designed for the client to pay one flat fee per account regardless of the balance or age of the account. FBC is a complete collection program employing collection letters, phone calls, and credit reporting. FBC is an excellent tool to use on easier accounts, which do not require substantial collection efforts. With FBC  you pay one flat rate (which can be as little as $5.95 per account) as opposed to paying a percentage of the amount that is collected.


1. Cheaper than using in-house personnel.

2. Allows you to use an outside collection firm without paying a commission.

3. Collected money goes directly from the debtor to you.

4. All claims are worked on equally regardless of size.

5. At SF Solutions we only use ACA certified collectors in our FBC program.

6. We report Debtor information to national credit bureaus.

Invite us to look over your situation and we will save you on collection costs by recommending the best program for your business.

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