HIPAA Safeguard

HIPAA Safeguard

Healthcare organizations and related businesses,including those who collect their debts have always been expected to treat the patient information confidentiality. This became more important than ever in 1996 when congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The act calls for all health plans, clearinghouses, and healthcare providers to protect the privacy of patient information,and to conduct a risk assessment and develop measures to prevent the unwanted release of confidential information. These procedures need to be documented these measures, kept current, and employees must be properly trained in their use.

Security Financial Solutions,  LLC., has studied the regulations carefully and has developed protocols to make sure that our collection procedures comply with HIPAA and that, when necessary, we are able to assist our clients with compliance issues.

Security Financial Solutions, LLC has always treated both client and personal information with great care. Our staff are required to handle sensitive personal information with great care. We use modern, secure, encrypted transactions through out our Client Portal web site, as well as secure, encrypted transmission via e-mail attachments. SFS monitors the latest developments in data security to make sure that we stay one step ahead of hackers.
As a leader in both the Business and Consumer Collection industry and Medical Billing, Security Financial Solutions, LLC takes our obligation to protect your data and your customers’ confidential details very seriously.

For additional HIPAA details, visit https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/hipaa-simplification-201303.pdf.

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