How to Collect a Judgment

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Many people believe once they receive a judgment, the hard part is over. The fact is, the hard part has just begun. 85-90% of all judgments never get collected. Why is this number so high and what can you do to improve your odds?

Enforcing a judgment can be very difficult. Unfortunately, the laws differ from state to state. Some states allow wage garnishment, for example, while others, like Pennsylvania, do not. No matter where you live, the odds are stacked in the debtor’s favor. Our staff of investigators and asset recovery specialists are experts in determining what assets, if any, are subject to sale in your state. Sometimes the biggest factor in the success or failure of judgment recovery is timing.

Hiring a company with the right experience in collecting judgments will mean the difference between success and failure. Many people make the mistake of hiring the attorney that won the judgment to also collect the judgment. These are two different skill sets. Most  attorneys charge by the hour and are not familiar with the techniques involved and are not equipped to do the hard work of an asset investigation. In addition, most collection agencies are very poor at collecting judgments for the same reasons.  The truth is, judgments can be very expensive to collect. Most collection agencies working on a contingency basis don’t want to assume the costs and risks associated with collecting judgments correctly. Below is a list of what you should look for in a company to collect your judgment.

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Asset Investigation – The Key to Success

Collecting on money judgments takes time and effort.  Locating the debtor’s assets is the key to planning an effective recovery strategy.  Operating through a network of pubic and private sources, we are able to determine all assets belonging to the debtor, including real property, bank accounts foreign and domestic, investment accounts, ownership in corporations and LLCs, and assets held by third parties. Because we don’t get paid unless you do, our investigators are very thorough and leave no stone unturned in the investigation.  Assets can be seized and sold at a sheriff sale and the proceeds sent directly to us to satisfy your judgment.


Many companies charged differently when it comes to enforcing your judgment. Some charge fees upfront, some charge a contingency fee (only get a percentage of what they actually collect) and some charge a combination of both.  SFS will front ALL costs necessary for the collection of your judgments.  Such fees include filing fees, costs of obtaining Writs of Execution, and Fees for the Sheriff to perform the execution directives. We put our “money where our mouth is”, and are very confident in our decisions to take further action through the courts on your behalf.  By choosing a company that only gets paid when you get paid, and one that will front all costs, you avoid the issue of throwing bad money after good.


Our staff investigators will keep your office informed at every step in the process. We wilI consult with you and give you our recommendations before making the final decision on a particular strategy. The client is always a partner in our successes on your behalf.


As a general rule, SFS charges a 50% contingency rate for all judgments placed here, which includes all attorney fees paid by us to work on your behalf.  SFS will forward all costs necessary in the recovery effort, including court filing fees, Sheriff Execution fees, and costs for a Debtor’s Exam should one become necessary.

Security Financial Solutions, LLC

Security Financial Solutions, LLC is one of the nation’s premier judgment collection agencies. We have over 25 years of experience collecting millions of dollars in judgments in all asset classes including consumer and commercial bank loans and credit cards, private label credit cards, auto deficiency balances, landlord Tenant evictions, and many others. We know what it takes to enforce judgments and obtain results. Our experienced staff will help you understand the process, and will be upfront and honest along the way. Contact us for a free quote and learn why companies, property management firms, and individuals chose Security Financial Solutions, LLC every day for their judgment collection needs.

We do not charge any fees unless we recover funds for you.

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