Our Mission

Our Mission

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Our mission is a simple one: collecting what our clients are owed while maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

In the beginning, SFS focused almost exclusively on resolution of business debt. Our early success in this area, however, combined with our growing appreciation the power of digital technology, led us to apply our expertise to the recovery of all types of consumer and Commercial debt, including legal judgments (see our “Services” page). Today, these major asset classes, along with debt factoring, remain at very core. rolex replica fake rolex kaufen

Today, as never before, SFS recovery strategies revolve around access to high-tech networks and databases. Our cutting-edge approach and superior customer service, combined with our proprietary skip trace tools and advanced asset investigation techniques, have helped us sustain some of the highest recovery rates in the industry. At the same time, despite our success. we’ve been able to maintain very reasonable client fees. Overall, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved since our founding. ReplicaWatchesAvenue.com replika saat replicas relojes

SFS understands that debt collection is as much about money as it is about relationships. With in mind, we pursue debt recovery in a manner that is both persistent and fair–fair to clients, fair to customers, and fair to all other stakeholders the recovery process. We’re tireless, but we’re also respectful and discreet and always conscious of basic ethical principles. It goes without saying that everything we do complies fully with current state and federal laws. www.topomegawatches.com .


Our Mission
Our clients have demanded superior results at the lowest cost possible. We've embraced the challenge, investing heavily in technology, training and recruitment.

SFS offers a full range of services across all classes of commercial and consumer debt (e.g. B2B, medical, credit card, utility and legal judgment). And we don't get paid unless you do!

SFS offers full online access to clients 24/7, 365 days per year. Our online portal provides clients with a direct line into the SFS operations, making it easier for us to keep them in the loop.

SFS helps improve your cash flow, lower your operating costs, and improve your customer retention.

SFS agents have been carefully selected on the basis of experience, ability, values and mindset.

Security Financial Solutions tailors its services to meet the specific needs of its clients.

SFS embraces technology, leverages the courts on your behalf when necessary, and always follows up.

All SFS services are designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Maximize

  • Reduce period
    of delinquency

  • Shrink
    debt volume

  • Minimize
    recovery costs

  • Enhance client

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