Pre Collection Services

Pre Collection Services

Pre-collection refers to the steps that you take to keep your accounts from going into more serious long term collection. They include getting out clear, accurate statements on time and contacting debtors soon after their accounts become deliquent.

At SFS we have built an outstanding pre-collection program to help you collect the most money you can, as early as possible in the process, all the while  maintaining positive customer relationships.


Sending out accurate, error-free statements, bills and invoices, leads to faster payments and fewer delinquencies.

Whether you need a large or small amount of bills sent out each month, Security Financial Solutions, LLC’ has the right the solution for you. Due to our experience with a wide variety of clients, we can create any type of of bill, invoice, or statement. Whether you need self-pay bills, insurance form submissions, secondary insurance billing, or simply monthly statements, SFS can get it done correctly, on time and at a great price.

  • Professional Consumer and Commercial Collection available in all 50 U.S. states
  • Lowest Industry Rates with the Highest Recovery Rate
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Free online Client Access & Support 24/7/365

We use modern technology to create,print, process and mail easy to read statements in a professional, timely manner. Easy to read, on time statements encourage prompt payments and lead to better cash flow and fewer write-offs.

We can create a completely customized billing service to meet any special requirements. We will build a program that is perfect for your company. Whatever your needs are, SFS can meet them.

Early Out

Our early-out program is designed to eliminate the need for further collection efforts. When an account is placed in our early-out program, your customers realize that their account has been placed with a collection agency, and that you are serious about collecting the outstanding balance from them. Our demand letters get great results.

Knowing their account is in the hands of a collection agency prompts action as well. Remittance is sent directly to you. Having the option of not communicating with a collection agency spurs the debtor to resolve the issue quickly. If necessary, they also can call one of our experienced, trained agents who can assist them in taking the appropriate action necessary for proper resolution of the debt.

The early-out program can be customized to suit your company’s specific needs. The program works best for accounts that are 30 to 60 days past due.

Audit Programs

Step 1: Collection Letter. Debtor is sent one letter from SFS stating their account is past due and needs to be rectified immediately. The letter clearly states that SFS is a collection agency and payment can be made directly to us. Letter is printed on SFS letterhead. Letter is designed to reduce the need for further collections action.

Step 2: Multiple Letters. Debtors are notified their account has been placed with a collection agency and is due immediately. Subsequent letters create more of a sense of urgency. Clients only pay for the letters. No contingency fee.

Step 3: Multiple Letters with phone calls. All collection letters are followed up with a phone call. Phone calls placed after receiving letters increase the need to reconcile the account. No contingency fees. Three letters/calls maximum.

Step 4: Attorney Letters. SFS will send a letter from one of our attorneys stating that legal action may be taken unless the debt is repaid. During this pre-litigation step, our attorneys will make a recommendation whether or not to take legal action.

Call us today for more information on pre-collection, and how it can work for you.