Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



This agreement is made this date between Security Financial Solutions, LLC., hereinafter referred to as “SFS”, and you, hereinafter referred to as Creditor/Client and is for the collection of delinquent accounts by SFS or its network of attorneys and collection specialists on behalf of Creditor/Client.

1. It shall be the intent of the Creditor/Client to retain the services of SFS for the purpose of providing debt collection services. In the interest and spirit of maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional standards the parties agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the terms stated below.

2. Creditor/Client warrants the validity, amount and authenticity of all claims placed with SFS for collection. Upon request, Creditor/Client agrees to forward documentation to SFS to prove the amount and authenticity of the claim when requested.

3. SFS is to act as it deems appropriate in the collection of claim(s) and is authorized to accept partial payments. Furthermore SFS shall have the right to endorse for deposit and collection any checks payable to the Creditor/Client. The compromise or settlement of any claim(s) will not be made without the consent of the Creditor/Client.

4. Creditor/Client agrees to cease all communication with the debtor(s). Creditor/Client agrees that the claim(s) is/are not to be handled by any other institution, collection agent, or representative.
Creditor/Client agrees to inform SFS immediately as to the nature and content of all contacts which debtor(s) makes or attempts to make directly with the Creditor/ Client. Claim(s) that are compromised by the Creditor/Client and or settled directly with the debtor are subject to fees pursuant to article 5 of this agreement. Any claim(s) paid directly by the debtor(s) to the Creditor/ Client shall be subject to fees pursuant to Article 5 of this agreement as well.

5. SFS agrees to remit to Creditor/Client, on a monthly basis, all monies due to Creditor/Client on accounts that have been collected during the preceding month. SFS will furnish an appropriate statement which will reflect the collected monies less the contingency fee.
6. All claims placed with SFS by Creditor/Client regardless of amount shall be subject to the current Fee Schedule as outlined in your Written Quote Proposal (RQP). In absence of an RQP, the following Collection Fees shall apply:

• If we do not recover your money you owe us absolutely nothing!

• 33% of the amount collected on accounts that are under (1) year in age.

• 50% of the amount collected on accounts that are over (1) year in age.

• 50% of any claim placed that has a principle value less than $500.00.

• 50% of the amount collected that are forwarded to an outside attorney that require litigation.

7. In the event claim(s) are withdrawn due to account placement error or are discovered to be previously paid shall be billed at a rate of 10% as an administrative, clerical and initiation fee. Any claim withdrawn within 6 months of the placement date or date of last payment to SFS shall be billed at a rate pursuant to the fee schedule as outlined in article 5. Once legal Proceedings have been initiated, whether pre or post judgment, the withdrawal or cancellation of the claim(s) is only permissible after all fees, court cost, and due diligence expenses have been paid. After those expenses have been paid, the claim shall be billed at the rate pursuant to the fee schedule outlined in Article 5.

8. The jurisdiction for resolving any dispute arising under this agreement shall be in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States of America.