I have been with Security Financial Solutions, LLC for 6 years. Out of the three agencies we currently utilize SFS has consistently outperformed the other two each and every month. SFS works with real numbers and provides real results.

Michael Wallace – ATI Finance

We choose SFS because they provided us with more information about the Collection Industry than anyone else. The team at SFS did not inflate numbers and make commitments that they could not keep. Their performance has increased our bottom line by 10% and in today’s economy that’s keeping us ahead.

Kathy Obringer – Burlington MRI

Security Financial Solutions, LLC has changed the way we outsource out AR. This company knows how to keep our patients coming back, but at the same time clean up their outstanding balances.

Dr. Robert Burkle – University Hospital

Security Financial Solutions, LLC is the most professional and honest company we have ever worked with.

Sarah Tipton – VMI Health Services

I’ve tried dozens of collection agencies over the last 10 years as a collection manager. Security Financial Solutions, LLC is the only collection agency I’ve used that does exactly what they say they’ll do. They answer the phone when I have questions, and I never received a single complaints about them. They’re the only agency I’ll use.

Jim Remolt – UMC Financial