My firm has been a client of Security Financial Solutions for more than three years. While we actually employ three collection agencies (as a way to hedge our bets and maximize our returns) SFS has consistently outperformed the other two agencies, both of which are bigger and better-known. We’re pleased with SFS’ aggressive approach.

Michael Wallace – ATI Finance

We’ve been extremely impressed with SFS’ level of engagement and the fact that they don’t make false promises. They’re good at what they do, but they let you know right off the bat some debts are extremely difficult to collect. We defer to their expertise, and so far it’s paid dividends as our bottom line is more robust than it was this time last year.



Kathy Obringer – Burlington MRI

Security Financial Solutions helps us collect what we’re owed. The truth is, we don’t want be the ‘bad guy,’ and anyway, we don’t have the time for that. SFS is willing to do the hard lifting, and for that we’re extremely appreciative. Fees are only due if they’re successful, so for us it’s almost always a ‘win-win.’

Dr. Robert Burkle – University Hospital

SFS is one of the few collection agencies I’ve tried that really does seem to be taking things in a new direction. They’ve located debtors that I had absolutely no hope of ever finding on my own and who owed our company quite substantial sums. While SFS wasn’t able to collect everything owed, but they managed to collect a substantial percentage of the outstanding debt. We’re thankful that somebody recommended SFS to us, and now we want to return the favor.

Jim Remolt – UMC Financial

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