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SFS–Partnering with Water, Gas, Electric, Telecom, and Waste and Recycling Companies to Recover What’s Owed–in Full!

Security Financial Solution understands the unique needs and concerns of utility companies when it comes resolving debts incurred by their customers. Recovery of utility debt is often complicated by the fact that debtors and creditors are typically keen to maintain a working relationship and to avoid “burning bridges.” While most utilities are interested in recovering what they’re owed in full, they also want to avoid accusations of harassment and law-breaking. Negative publicity can be disastrous for utilities, costing them far more in terms of damage to their reputation and lost business than they could ever hope to recover by employing a more traditional collection agency favoring traditional tactics.

SFS understands the imperatives surrounding utility debt and has years of experience with cutting-edge techniques designed to recover funds from utility customers. SFS has collected millions of dollars in unpaid bills on behalf of water, telecom, gas, electric, and waste and recycling companies stretching from coast to coast. More often than not, SFS’ efforts effectively double¬†these companies’ existing rates of collection.

And once again, you only pay when we collect. SFS’ fees are among the most reasonable in the industry–typically only a small percentage of the total amount owed.

Finally, in the extremely rare event that all else fails, SFS is willing to purchase outstanding debt from utilities for cash. No account, no matter how delinquent or seemingly impossible to collect, is without value.