Waste And Recycling Collections


Finding the right way to  collect on delinquent waste and recycling bills is a difficult chore for most waste disposal companies. You want to obtain a high collection rate, without your collection efforts causing hundreds of complaint calls ,or complaints to regulators and district attorneys. An unprofessional or careless collection agency can cost a waste disposal and recycling company hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative press and added personnel to handle the volume of complaints and attorney fees from resulting lawsuits.

We treat your reputation as carefully as we treat our own. At Security Financial Solutions, LLC we have developed training programs and protocols that help prevent this type of problem. Through our  careful  staff selection, and thorough training  we have achieved  unmatched results .

We have often been able to double our clients’ collection rates, all the while keeping our contingency fees the lowest in the U.S. SFS  takes pride in providing great customer service, both to waste recycling companies and their customers. Contact us today to see how Security Financial Solutions, LLC  differs from other collection agencies and what we can do for your utility company right now!


Sending out bills in a timely fashion is often a major issue for waste and  recycling companies. If you find yourself in that category, please contact us to see if we can provide a solution.